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Stalking Season     1st July - 12th October

Grouse Season       1st August - 10th December

Partridge Season    1st September - 1st February

Pheasant Season    1st October - 1st February

You might have thought that chartering a helicopter to get around is an extravagant luxury that’s the preserve of the super-rich, The Queen, and Hollywood film stars, but you might just need to review that position.


Arriving at a shoot by helicopter is, without question, a big-boy move. It is hard to make a subtle entrance when you arrive in a whirlwind of rotor blades and engine noise. But not only might it be rather more cost effective than you think, but there are some pretty compelling practical reasons to hire a ‘chopper to get you to your destination. 


Helicharters are cheaper than you think

Sure, there’s a price tag - aviation fuel isn’t cheap. But given that you can hire a helicopter that will transport a team of guns, plus their luggage and guns, the cost doesn’t look quite so silly. If you split the cost between eight or nine guns the damage isn't so bad, especially when compared with getting the train (with all the inconveniences and discomfort that this entails). Find out how much your trip would cost by getting a quote

You don’t have to go to an airport / airfield, so long as you have a suitable field or garden for them to put down their bird - they can even pick you up from a hotel. In fact, doing this can reduce the cost of the trip too, since you’re not paying a landing fee at the airport or airfield.

You can even take your gundog with you


Your entire party can travel to the shoot in comfort and style, and all together!


You don’t have to pack light, If you’re heading away for a long weekend’s shooting the luggage you need to take quickly mounts up - not only is there all your shooting clobber, but possibly something smart for a formal dinner, plus more casual clothes for the following day. Contrary to popular belief, there’s no need to pack conservatively since luxury passenger helicopters have ample room for all your kit.


It’s fast… and comfortable.


Leave the traffic jams, the nasty service stations or train delays behind! There’s no argument that this looks like a far better prospect than hours in the car or train.

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