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Heli Charter Services are proud to be a member of the

Air Charter Association

Why charter with a member of The Air Charter Association?

Aircraft charter enables customers to tailor their requirements exactly to their individual needs. It saves time and is extremely flexible, especially if there isn’t a suitable airline service on the chosen date or route.

When you charter a private aircraft you naturally have a more contact-free experience. Every detail is arranged in advance, from individual passenger information and passport or visa data, to refreshments of your choice on board. You will travel only with passengers from your own family, chosen friends or business associates so are less likely to come into contact with anyone outside your party.

Private flight is much quicker and more efficient than flying commercially. Time at the terminal is greatly reduced, and less time is spent travelling to/from airports.

If travelling for business, you can conduct private meetings on board and use your travel time to the maximum productivity.


Use an accredited Air Charter Broker

An Air Charter Broker is a company that provides a valuable intermediary service to individuals or companies looking to travel on an exclusively chartered aircraft.  The aviation market is global and fast changing, and air charter brokers provide the latest knowledge and access to the most suitable aircraft and operators for your flight.

Your broker is a trusted advisor who will understand the reasons for your travel and using their knowledge and latest technology systems will be able to identify a number of potential aircraft for your flight.  They will assess these through a due diligence process to ensure the operator and the aircraft are fully commercially licenced and insured and provide recommendations on the most suitable options.

Ensuring you take professional accredited advice is very important to ensure you don’t inadvertently become involved in an illegal charter and it will ensure you are supported and receive the highest levels of customer service our industry is renowned for providing.

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