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Heli Construction Services

We are a leading broker within this field which allows us to work on behalf of the client providing the most suitable solution available


This is where we come into our own with the speed and accuracy of the helicopter.


We are capable of lifting between 0.5 to 1.9 tonnes with a variety of helicopters. Not only do we have aerial access to places where road vehicles might not be able to reach, we can do so causing very little disruption to the local area. We work closely with many nationwide organisations in helping to develop a sustainable environment for our future generations.


Much of our work takes place within National parks, and we are passionate about protecting these impressive local landscapes. We believe that these areas of outstanding natural beauty should be preserved for future generations to enjoy. A Helicopter carrying out Commercial Work (Aerial Work) is the perfect way to carry a variety of bulky items to inaccessible locations whilst minimizing environmental impact.


We’re delighted to offer our reputable services for a variety of underslung load lifting projects, whether the task involves an emergency response to a situation such as a land slide, or a pre-planned airlift to deliver materials to an inaccessible location. Our underslung load lifting services are fast and cost effective .

This technique increases productivity dramatically and therefore reduces your costs.

You will be surprised at how cost effective using a helicopter actually is, feel free to contact us and we will get the load where you want it.


If you would like to complete the basic information form, so we can assess you requirements by pressing the Request a Heli Construction Quote Below

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